Beautiful George Sosnak Signed Original Self Portrait Art With Letter Folkart


While nearly every collector has seen a "Sosnak" ball, we would hazard to guess that few, if any, have ever seen a handwritten letter signed by the creator of those amazing illustrated balls: George Sosnak. Offered here is one such rare example, complete with the original mailing envelope, penned by Sosnak in 1971. In his two-page handwritten letter, dated July 22, 1971, Sosnak writes to Bob Duvall, a writer with Baseball Digest. Sosnak begins by describing himself to Duvall: "My name is Geo. H. Sosnak, I love to paint, records on Baseballs. I paint baseballs up like a Easter Egg." The purpose of Sosnak's letter was to inquire if Duvall had the mailing address of former Twins pitcher Jack Kralick, who pitched a no-hitter in 1962. In return for the information, Sosnak offers to paint a ball for Duvall: "you furnish the information. And you must also furnish the ball." He closes with "Best Wishes, Geo. H. Sosnak." Both the text and signature are boldly printed in black ink and grade "10." What is makes this letter so special is that Sosnak has included a self portrait below his signature. Sosnak also decorated the mailing envelope in the same manner he decorates his balls: by filling every inch of the envelope with illustrations and text. Unfortunately, the mailing envelope is taped to the first page of the letter, which obscures some of the text (the envelope could probably be professionally removed if so desired). Both pages of the letter (7.25 x 7.5 inches) display paper residue on the reverse from having once been mounted in an album; otherwise each remains in Excellent condition overall. The envelope (9 x 4 inches) displays a tiny clip in the upper right corner and is otherwise in Excellent condition.