1952 NY Yankees WS Champs Team Signed Baseball Mickey Mantle Joe Dimaggio JSA

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Official American League (Harridge) ball signed in either blue or black ink by the following 27 members of the 1952 World Champion New York Yankees (some more than once): Joe DiMaggio (sweet spot), Mickey Mantle (rookie signature), Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Kuzava, Collins, Woodling, Reynolds, Hopp (twice), Sain, Brideweser, Ostrowski, Silvera (twice), Morgan, Brown, Overmire, Schallock, Carey, McDonald (twice), Bauer, Vic Raschi (clubhouse), Noren, McDougald, Hogue, Lopat, Miller, Cerv, and Houk. Although the signatures of DiMaggio and Mantle together on this ball seem to clearly date it to 1951, there is the possibility that it might have been signed in spring training of 1952. The reason for that is the presence of the Jim McDonald and Bill Miller signatures. Both McDonald and Miller did not join the Yankees until 1952. Comes with full letter COA from JSA.

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