Beautiful Chicago White Sox Hand Painted George Sosnak Folk Art Signed Baseball


Elaborate folk-art tribute ball hand-painted by former minor-league umpire George Sosnak (1922-1992) commemorating the baseball career of former Chicago White Sox executive Edwin G. Short. An illustration of Short adorns one side panel, while much of the remaining surface area features Sosnak's meticulous hand-painted lettering. The other illustration recreates the White Sox logo. The text provides copious biographical information pertaining to Short's career. Signed and dated ("1967") by Sosnak below the illustration panel. Although Sosnak was a prolific artist, by some accounts creating over 800 illustrated baseballs, the popularity of his works has continued to grow with each passing decade. Sosnak is nearly as well known in the folk-art community as he is in the field of baseball collectibles, so it is no surprise that examples of his work can be found in both the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, and the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. One of Sosnak's balls (detailing JFK’s Opening Day pitch at a 1962 Senators game) can even be found in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. 


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