Extraordinary Rosa Parks Signed Golf Ball Beckett Civil Rights Movement


Dubbed “the first lady of civil rights” and the “mother of the freedom movement” by the United States Congress, the late Rosa Parks was an activist in the civil rights movement and played an integral role in the Montgomery bus boycott. Parks was arrested on December 4th, 1955, for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. The arrest led to a boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system that led to the Supreme Court intervening a year later when they ruled that the segregation laws instituted by Alabama and Montgomery were unconstitutional. Parks continued her activism throughout her life and remained a beacon of hope for the civil rights movement for the entirety of her life. Presented here is a Lady Titleist 3 golf ball signed by civil rights icon Rosa Parks. “Lady Titleist 3” is stamped in red on the “Durable SURLYN” stamped golf ball twice. Parks signed and inscribed the date “5/10/93” with a black marker on the golf ball. The signature and inscription are bold. Comes with an LOA from JSA for the signature.


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