Historic Derek Jeter Signed Derek Jeter Day Game Used Baseball Beckett & Steiner


Starting around noon the streets surrounding Yankee Stadium were filled with activity resembling that of a World Series game. From 161st to River Ave the fans wearing their number "2" jerseys, Captain T shirts, and DJ3K ensembles gathered from across the US and beyond to pay a tribute farewell to The Captain in his final days playing in Yankee Stadium. When the ceremony finally did begin, the stadium trembled with roars resembling those during the walk off hits in 1998-2001. Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken Jr, and many other Legends came to pay their respects. The field was adorned with "2" logos, bases designed for The Captain and baseballs featuring the Farewell "2" logo were used on the field of play on this very special day, marking the end of the Dynasty. Since coming up into the league in 1995, Derek Jeter made an immediate impact with his presence on the New York Yankees. As the last Captain of the Dynasty that would go on to win Five World Series Championships, Jeter was the centerpiece to a squad that won a total Seven American League titles. The Captain garnered 3,465 hits making him the New York Yankees franchise leader in hits, to go along with his numerous other accomplishments such as Rookie of the Year and World Series MVP. When the ceremony finally concluded on Sept 7, 2014 Jeter was slated into his customary #2 spot in the lineup. The Yankees would fall in the contest 2-0 to the Royals, but the souvenirs fans would take away from the game rival those that would have been collected on Mickey Mantle Day in 1969. This baseball was one of those used in the on this monumental day at Yankee Stadium, featuring the Derek Jeter Retirement Logo. The ball shows moderate use and is one of only a handful collected and authenticated by Major League Baseball and affixed with the tamper proof MLB Authenticated hologram (HZ556025). In addition to the game use, the baseball has been signed by Jeter in blue pen and labeled “10/37”. This ball has been authenticated and encapsulated by Beckett Grading (0012046903) and has been graded “AUTHENTIC”. Additionally, there are Steiner Sports (210973) and Fanatics (A816385) holograms.


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