Rare 1970 Apollo And Gemini Astronauts Multi Signed Baseball With JSA COA

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Vintage ball signed in the 1970's contains 11 signatures of the Apollo and Gemini space program astronauts. The ball originates from the man responsible for arranging the event hosted by the Dodgers on June 10, 1970. The astronauts who signed the ball are: James McDivitt, Dick Gordon Jr., Charles Conrad Jr., Fred Haise Jr. ("Houston we've had a problem") (Apollo 13), Dave Scott, Alfred Worden, Jim Irwin, Harrison Schmitt, Dave McBride, Hal Taylor, and Alan Bean. It comes with a photo of the Astronauts lining up on the third base line as they announce the last two. A letter of provenance from his wife accompanies the ball . Comes with JSA Full LOA.

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