Rare Nolan Ryan 7 No Hitters Signed Baseball With All 7 Catchers MLB Authentic

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Orchestrated by a Mounted Memories signing is this LE baseball (187/347) which bears the autographs of all seven catchers who were Ryan’s battery mates in his no-hit games. The medium is a snow-white Major League (Selig) and, appropriately, Nolan Ryan signed the sweet spot , adding the notations, “7 No Hitters” and “HOF ’99.” To wit, the seven catchers include Jeff Torborg, Art Kusnyer, Tom Egan, Ellie Rodriguez, Alan Ashby, John Russell, and Mike Stanley. Naturally, these catchers are proud of their place in history, and the quality of their penmanship on this ball reflects such as all of them are also “9-10” in quality. And as should be expected, each of the backstop signers, respectively, added their glorious dates. To put Ryan’s superlative career in perspective, we point out that Mike Stanley (who caught the final no-hitter) was 9 years old when the Express threw his first. Conversely, Jeff Torborg (who caught the first one) was 49 years old when Ryan threw his seventh masterpiece.

Authentication: MLB Hologram & Mounted Memories



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