Tom Seaver Great Moments In Baseball Signed Original Manuscript Book JSA COA


"Great Moments in Baseball" original manuscript by Tom Seaver and Marty Appel with Seaver's handwritten notations.
Lengthy original manuscript for the book which was written by Tom Seaver and Marty Appel which focuses on baseball history post-1903. It is split into two sections which are each bound and have "SEAVER" written on the edge. The first section is signed by Appel with a handwritten note that the work was based on interviews conducted at Seaver's home in 1990 and 1991. Typed above is "Original Edited Manuscript, Including Tom Seaver's Comments (In Blue Ink)." Please note - while blue ink is mentioned specifically there are instances in which Seaver wrote in black (there are green pencil notations which were done by an editor and are not in Seaver's hand). Seaver has indeed made many notations through both sections, some of which are quite lengthy. Within the first few pages are sheets of paper on which Seaver has handwritten his dedication along with a summation of different pitches/styles. At one point in the second section he writes about his greatest thrill having been to pitch against Mickey Mantle in the All-Star Game. Also includes a copy of the book which has been signed by Tom Seaver with personalization to Mart Appel's Daughter Debbie. Comes with JSA COA for the signature. 


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